Buy the kit

Once you understand what is and why you need a genetic analysis made to measure for you, we Will send it to your address or wherever you want to start the change of your life that you always have desired..


Take the samples

When you have the kit in your hands you only must take the samples following the instructions that you will find inside of the box. Once you have the samples just call us or email us and we organize the return to the lab. Don’t forget to fill all the documents that are inside the box! When the samples return to the lab we will extract your DNA and start the procedure.


Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

We already know the genes that have the mutations that prevent you from reach your wellbeing, so we star to analyze them one by one and in detail in order to give you the solutions that you are asking for. The technique we use is polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to analyze each mutation that you can present.


Mutation visualization

Once that we have multiplied by PCR your genes to search if you have those mutations we can kwnow what are the causes of your not wellbeing, we use electrophoresis techniques to be able to see those mutations and now we can generate your genetic report, as well as the nutritionals reccomendations that your body screams in silence, because now it is not a secret.

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